An Okay Sunday

Well at church, we had a substitute youth minister. Bummer. We also had a potluck and congregational meeting afterward, during which I went to the back and had a beanbag fight with the kids.

After church, I tinkered with my computer to make it faster and recover disk space lost to old programs I never use or can move to my 500 GB external hard drive. Because Firefox is so demanding of memory, I downloaded Opera and plan to uninstall FF. (I also take this as a reassuring sign from Christ that I’m not making Firefox into an idol. Thanks, God. :D)

I’ve been reading this book on prayer, Fuel, and I’ve really been convicted about how I approach God. I’ve always been censoring myself in prayer, afraid to say my mind, lest God abandon me and I lose my salvation for disagreeing with Him or questioning Him. However, even the psalmists questioned God and, heck, their prayers made it into the Bible! So I need to stop being a coward and grasping on to a nonexistent ray of hope that I can hide how I feel from God, and be honest with Him.

I used to be afraid to hold my phone when I pray or look at my computer, afraid I’ll accidentally be praying to it. However, I’ve found that I pray better when I type my prayers out on my phone and read them to God. So Jesus told me that this fear has been the devil’s way of hindering me from doing so and having a stronger prayer life. Yet ANOTHER fear I need to overcome.

I’ve been a member of the Church of Christ (CoC) for almost a year—until I read how CoC beliefs are FALSE!! If baptism was necessary for salvation, Ephesians 2:8-9, Romans 10:9, and John 3:16 among others would be LYING. Oh, and Acts 10 wouldn’t have been able to happen too. Along with the baptism thing, I also highly disagree with their view on the predestination/free will debate (at least that of my CoC, anyway) as an Amyraldist (Four Point Calvinism—TULIP minus the L. Dont get it? Go look it up.) My problem is that I’ve been afraid to come clean about my beliefs out of fear of a debate with my pastor. I wanted to post my leaving on my Facebook while I was with my grandmother, but I chickened out.

So I’m posting this right now, in public, on WordPress:I am no longer a Church of Christ member. I am a non-denominational Christian. (with Baptist tendencies)

Dang, it feels nerve-wracking and good to ‘come out of the closet.’

Well Mom is nagging me to set my alarm clock on my phone so I got to go. Bye and God bless.


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