Twas a boring day at school
Anna sat at her desk
Waiting for the bell
So close, but so far away
Twas five minutes into class
Anna got her crayons
And began drawing a rainbow
In her spiral book
The colors were radiant
Though in the wrong place
It went red, green, blue, violet
Then yellow and pink
The old teacher was already
In a bad mood so
Twas the moment she came by
Anna got out her book
Hoping the woman won’t notice
The rainbow or look
Then, suddenly, furiously
The teacher had rage
And she took Anna’s book and threw it at Jane
She screamed, “My oh my
What have they taught you?!
You got all the colors wrong
That not how you do.”
“It goes red, orange, yellow,
Green, blue, indigo
Lastly violet oh violet
That falsehood must go!”
So the old crazy teacher
Driven insane
Almost threw Anna’s spiral
Right at the head of Jane
When the principal came in,
Yay, just in time to save the day
“Woman, you’re fired
Because YOU’RE INSANE!!!”

The principal grew in fame
Everyone obeyed
And most of all Anna
Would draw the right way.
“Red, orange, yellow, green,
Blue, indigo, violet.”
Happy was young Anna
And almost as much Jane.

Twas a dumb poem for you.


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