Wonderful Time

Tonight my school had a Mardi Gras dance. I had so much fun. I danced so much I likely won’t have much trouble getting to sleep, I spent time with my boyfriend, and I got a new BFF! Also, they had karaoke, so I got to sing Grenade by Bruno Mars (one of my favorite songs! :D). My friend was hounding the girl who sang after me, and I’m thinking, “Chill, let someone else have the spotlight.” Strange that I would have been doing what my friend was doing as close as 2 years ago! Oh, what God has done in my life.


That reminds me. The lesson in my Fuel book today is on giving thanks to God in prayer. You see, we are such ungrateful twerps. We ask so much of God, who gave HIS SON for us, and we just reply with a half hearted “Thanks, God.” for politeness’ sake. This is wrong, people. (Don’t think I’m judging ya, if anyone is guilty of this it’s me for sure.) I think I am better at giving the King His due credit and praise and gratitude when I type or write out my prayers, so I think I’ll do that instead of ‘pray’ pray. Matter of fact, God has given me the gift of poetry, so I think I’ll do better using poetry to pray.


Right now I’m having a swell time multitasking between writing this post and texting my new BFF, in a food-secure home with heat and air conditioning and clean indoor plumbing. (Oh and I have buttloads of cute clothes as well! :D) Yet so many in this world don’t even have food or water, much less air conditioning or cell phones. I may not be able to donate, but I have a link to the World Food Programme so you can please donate for me? (If you can donate in honor of someone, donate in honor of Jesus Christ, please.) Another excellent charity I recommend is Samaritan’s Purse, which I think is run by the Billy Graham Evangelical Association.


Well, y’all have a blessed night. Sayonara for now. 


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