Israel Poem

Israel Poem.

Somebody’s a good poet. 🙂 Very inspiring message too.


Ya know, I would tell Apple to wake up, but given how I have an iPhone , I probably have no right to complain don’t I?

Trinity Poem

Wonderful Savior.
John Three Sixteen.
Light of the world.
Died on the cruel cross.
Rose gloriously from the dark grave.
Lives forevermore in Heaven and has authority.

Loving, caring.
Willing to forgive.
Sacrificed His unique Son.
Head of a Triune God.
Jesus obeyed Him unto even death.
We must also obey Him as well.

Holy Spirit
Dove, power, love.
Comes in many forms.
Sent to inspire us all.
He was in the Bible writers.
So mysterious, so forgotten, yet so glorious.

The Passion of the Christ

Well, my granny and I got on my umcle’s Netflix (with his permission), and we watched Passion of the Christ. Let me tell you this—it was a good movie, it showed so much of what Christ went through for us and God used it to give me a more spiritual lens in life. However, it is very graphic—the first R rated movie I’ve ever watched in my life possibly! What I don’t like about the movie is how they supposedly have to add in a lot of junk that isn’t in the Bible just to add drama and sell well. Well, this isn’t supposed to be the kind of movie for profit, this is a spreading-the-Gospel kind of movie!!!!!
Well, my granny may get a new house, and I’m really excited. I can’t wait to decorate my room there!!! I’ve been using a home designer app on my phone as well as an app that lets you view designs of rooms. Both are splendid apps.
Well I’m too tired to continue writing so I got to go. Oh, and if I do NaNoWriMo, I think I’ll do a historical fiction or narrative of a true story. God bless.

Five Sites I Recommend For Kids

Having trouble finding anything appropriate for your child? I have a solution: Here are three sites I would let my child play if I had one.

1. Freerice (

Oh, I love Freerice! It’s fun, it’s educational, and best of all, it feeds the hungry. Resources and articles about world hunger on the site may even produce a little activist spirit in your youngster.

2. Whyville (

When I was little, I used to love Whyville. It’s educational and also provides chat (as long as you submit your parental permission slip, that is :D.)

3. Funbrain (

Yet ANOTHER fun and educational website. It also offers online books for your little ones to read.


I’m sure there are more sites, but these are the only three I can remember. God bless and safe surfing to you and your shild! 

Save Me—A Song I Wrote

All the worry all the pain
All the lies that I’ve been told
All the suffering gave no gain
Is it gonna be like old…

Are You gonna stay
Are You gonna heal
Are You gonna provide for me protect me
Are You gonna love
Are You gonna fill me
Are You gonna save me from myself.

Acid lies, they fell like rain
Pouring into my spirit
I was filled with immense pain
But I didn’t feel a thing

Are You gonna stay
Are You gonna heal
Are You gonna provide for me protect me
Are You gonna love
Are You gonna fill me
Are You gonna save me from myself.

Everything else is empty
You are my only shot
You’re the One Thing I haven’t tried
Are You gonna save me from myself…

(Save me from myself)

God, I need you like I need oxygen
Will you be my everything, my everything, my all
Will You be my Savior, will You be my Savior
Can I call upon Your Name, upon Your Name tonight…?
(End Rap)

Are You gonna stay
Are You gonna heal
Are You gonna provide for me protect me
Are You gonna love
Are You gonna fill me
Are You gonna save me from myself.

Wonderful Time

Tonight my school had a Mardi Gras dance. I had so much fun. I danced so much I likely won’t have much trouble getting to sleep, I spent time with my boyfriend, and I got a new BFF! Also, they had karaoke, so I got to sing Grenade by Bruno Mars (one of my favorite songs! :D). My friend was hounding the girl who sang after me, and I’m thinking, “Chill, let someone else have the spotlight.” Strange that I would have been doing what my friend was doing as close as 2 years ago! Oh, what God has done in my life.


That reminds me. The lesson in my Fuel book today is on giving thanks to God in prayer. You see, we are such ungrateful twerps. We ask so much of God, who gave HIS SON for us, and we just reply with a half hearted “Thanks, God.” for politeness’ sake. This is wrong, people. (Don’t think I’m judging ya, if anyone is guilty of this it’s me for sure.) I think I am better at giving the King His due credit and praise and gratitude when I type or write out my prayers, so I think I’ll do that instead of ‘pray’ pray. Matter of fact, God has given me the gift of poetry, so I think I’ll do better using poetry to pray.


Right now I’m having a swell time multitasking between writing this post and texting my new BFF, in a food-secure home with heat and air conditioning and clean indoor plumbing. (Oh and I have buttloads of cute clothes as well! :D) Yet so many in this world don’t even have food or water, much less air conditioning or cell phones. I may not be able to donate, but I have a link to the World Food Programme so you can please donate for me? (If you can donate in honor of someone, donate in honor of Jesus Christ, please.) Another excellent charity I recommend is Samaritan’s Purse, which I think is run by the Billy Graham Evangelical Association.


Well, y’all have a blessed night. Sayonara for now. 


Twas a boring day at school
Anna sat at her desk
Waiting for the bell
So close, but so far away
Twas five minutes into class
Anna got her crayons
And began drawing a rainbow
In her spiral book
The colors were radiant
Though in the wrong place
It went red, green, blue, violet
Then yellow and pink
The old teacher was already
In a bad mood so
Twas the moment she came by
Anna got out her book
Hoping the woman won’t notice
The rainbow or look
Then, suddenly, furiously
The teacher had rage
And she took Anna’s book and threw it at Jane
She screamed, “My oh my
What have they taught you?!
You got all the colors wrong
That not how you do.”
“It goes red, orange, yellow,
Green, blue, indigo
Lastly violet oh violet
That falsehood must go!”
So the old crazy teacher
Driven insane
Almost threw Anna’s spiral
Right at the head of Jane
When the principal came in,
Yay, just in time to save the day
“Woman, you’re fired
Because YOU’RE INSANE!!!”

The principal grew in fame
Everyone obeyed
And most of all Anna
Would draw the right way.
“Red, orange, yellow, green,
Blue, indigo, violet.”
Happy was young Anna
And almost as much Jane.

Twas a dumb poem for you.