I Love Poetry

I think I discovered a love for poetry. Not reading it, but writing it, anyway.

I used to write haikus a lot. I was very into it. I lived it because it was poetic without having to worry about rhyming. However, I got exhausted because I was so legalistic about writing my haikus. Therefore, I fell from this habit.

I decided to write some poetry to God today after reading about how we should go to extreme measures to praise God in prayer in my book Fuel. I discovered that I love poetry. I decided not to post it, though, for the sake of greater intimacy with the Lord.

So when life is so boring or so personal that I don’t feel like posting about it, don’t be surprised if I put up some poetry.


Vowel Acrostic Prayer

I wad inspired first of all by the Holy Spirit, but He was working through this book called Fuel by Thomas Nelson publishers. I highly recommend it. God bless.

A wonderful God You are, O Lord!
Earth and Heaven bow down to Your Will!
I am amazed by the awesomeness of what You made, which gives me a glimpse of how wonderful You are!
O Lord Jesus, thank you for making me!

At hard times, O Lord, my spirit grows weak.
Early and late, my bones grow in agony.
I almost can’t bear it, Lord, and if not for Your Comfort, I would die.
O God, Lord Jesus, I praise You for who You are and what You have done for me!

An Okay Sunday

Well at church, we had a substitute youth minister. Bummer. We also had a potluck and congregational meeting afterward, during which I went to the back and had a beanbag fight with the kids.

After church, I tinkered with my computer to make it faster and recover disk space lost to old programs I never use or can move to my 500 GB external hard drive. Because Firefox is so demanding of memory, I downloaded Opera and plan to uninstall FF. (I also take this as a reassuring sign from Christ that I’m not making Firefox into an idol. Thanks, God. :D)

I’ve been reading this book on prayer, Fuel, and I’ve really been convicted about how I approach God. I’ve always been censoring myself in prayer, afraid to say my mind, lest God abandon me and I lose my salvation for disagreeing with Him or questioning Him. However, even the psalmists questioned God and, heck, their prayers made it into the Bible! So I need to stop being a coward and grasping on to a nonexistent ray of hope that I can hide how I feel from God, and be honest with Him.

I used to be afraid to hold my phone when I pray or look at my computer, afraid I’ll accidentally be praying to it. However, I’ve found that I pray better when I type my prayers out on my phone and read them to God. So Jesus told me that this fear has been the devil’s way of hindering me from doing so and having a stronger prayer life. Yet ANOTHER fear I need to overcome.

I’ve been a member of the Church of Christ (CoC) for almost a year—until I read how CoC beliefs are FALSE!! If baptism was necessary for salvation, Ephesians 2:8-9, Romans 10:9, and John 3:16 among others would be LYING. Oh, and Acts 10 wouldn’t have been able to happen too. Along with the baptism thing, I also highly disagree with their view on the predestination/free will debate (at least that of my CoC, anyway) as an Amyraldist (Four Point Calvinism—TULIP minus the L. Dont get it? Go look it up.) My problem is that I’ve been afraid to come clean about my beliefs out of fear of a debate with my pastor. I wanted to post my leaving on my Facebook while I was with my grandmother, but I chickened out.

So I’m posting this right now, in public, on WordPress:I am no longer a Church of Christ member. I am a non-denominational Christian. (with Baptist tendencies)

Dang, it feels nerve-wracking and good to ‘come out of the closet.’

Well Mom is nagging me to set my alarm clock on my phone so I got to go. Bye and God bless.

This Saturday

I went thrifting today. It was a nice day spent at thrift stores and yard sales.

Though I can’t remember all the clothes I bought today, I know I got this cute white skirt to wear with leggings. I tried on a lot of stuff and it didn’t fit, but I know that it means God has better garments for me in His Storage. 🙂 I saw this cute denim skirt. I put it on in the dressing room to see how it fits. It appeared very beautiful and (more importantly) modest at first. But keep in mind that if something is too good to be true, it probably is. What may be proof for this is that the skirt had a big slit in the back that would show the world my panties, oh, and it was dry clean only. Bummer. Remember, Neko, God will give you better as you are His child.

I had went to this big yard sale in this retirement community, as well as the thrift store nearby. I made off well (legally of course—don’t misunderstand me and think I stole something—I didn’t!) I got some makeup (purple eyeliner and some eyeshadow), some gifts for my family, and some free stuff too—one woman gave me a free perfume sample and another woman, a friend of my grandmother, gave me a calendar with Psalms on it.

If I could pick out the highlight of my shopping trip, I’d say it was the books God gave me. There was this deal on books—one bag for $3. I picked five books (for they only had five books I was interested in) and let the cashier ring it up. Because it would be cheaper to just pay for each book individually, they let me do that instead. It turned out to be 25 cents per book, which led to a total of $1.25 for the books plus tax and the price of some mini-lotions I bought.

I really like the books I bought. One of them is a paperback King James Bible with a Bible dictionary in the back. I also got some true story books and a guide to taking good pictures (hope that even though it’s by Kodak the information will be relevant and they won’t be trying to sell me anything.) Last, I purchased a book on improving your prayer life.

Let me tell you about this book on prayer so far. I’ve gotten through about one and a half chapters, I believe. It’s written to teenagers like me with a story at the beginning of each chapter that is related to the chapter’s main idea. I don’t necessarily agree with all it’s ideas portrayed, but it did get me thinking and convicted about my mistakes in my relationship with God!

To wrap this up, I enjoyed my day thrifting. I’m very thankful to Jesus for all the items He got me today. I hope I can use them to serve others (and since at most of the stores if not all of them the money goes to charity, I may have served others just buying them. Not to brag though—I do NOT like to brag.) Did you have a good Saturday? A lousy day? An okay day? Tell me about it in the comments! God bless.

How I Memorize Scripture

1. I find a verse to memorize.
2. First I try to get the verse itself (minus the reference; for example Titus 3:4) memorized. Wording too.
3. I say it out loud and try to meditate (think about it) it throughout my day, checking it to see if I got the words right (this is hard)
4. Once I get the words down, I begin associating it with the reference. I pretty much repeat step 3, adding the reference to my meditation.
5. I need to continually review and apply what I memorize lest I lose it, as if you don’t use it, you lose it.

This is from my more-updated Tumblr. Search up Nekobornagain and follow. I hope to post here more. Hope these ripe inspire and help YOU to memorize Scripture—God’s Word can save us in temptation! 🙂 God bless.

Extreme Makeover:Home Edition

Guys, watch Extreme Makeover:Home Edition. It’s a very inspiring show. No bad content from what I’ve watched. On the episode I’m watching, they are helping this family with a disabled child with a house that he can move around in. Love this show—love seeing these acts of kindness. Wish there was more of Jesus’ love in the world. I think Jesus would be all for this show :). God bless.