Charity—A Repost of one of my best blog posts

Ok. I’ll confess this right out—I’m a spoiled brat. I don’t donate to charity and I’m often “I want what I want and I don’t care about you!!!” I especially was this way before I got saved. So today I’m going to first post some Scripture on the importance of charity an good works, and show you how you can contribute to charity for little or no cost!!!

(NET) Acts 10:31 and said, ‘Cornelius, your prayer has been heard and your acts of charity have been remembered before God. (Our charitable acts will be remembered before God!!!)

1. Spare change—Find a penny on the ground? Pick it up. Put it in your pocket. Some places have little jars where you cam donate to charity—if it’s a charity you have prayerfully decided (even a quick prayer on the spot) that God would want you to donate to, then drop it in the jar. If not, start a jar at home! Label it for your charity of choice, yes for your charity, and when it gets enough in there where it’s worth donating, donate!!! Tip: A savings account, if legal and available, may actually do more good if it has. A decent interest rate, and with the interest, you’ll make those rich bankers unintentionally cough up some money out of their wallets to donate to your charity!

2.—The site is 13+, but here, you can search up many good causes. You can donate money, and you used to be able to donate time as well (though you can on some charities.) Also, if you’re willing to make self-sacrifice on presents you can make a Birthday Wish to raise money for a charity of your choice!

3.—Here, you cam sign petitions for change. I think you have to be thirteen or older, but here you cam sign petitions for change!

4. Volunteer—I’ve never done this in my life but I really want to!

I’m sure there are many other ways but I guess God will lead you to whatever He chooses to lead you to! God bless!