Give Thanks With Job

An early engraving by Blake for the Book of Job
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You know what every Christian should read on Thanksgiving? The Book of Job. After all, it really makes you thankful.


To start off, you can compare your life to Job’s life. He used to be a rich man—a very rich man. He had seven sons (which was considered great in those times), and a lot of possessions. However—I estimate in two days—it was all gone. Realizing how God can give and take away really makes us grateful for what we have. We realize that our earthly blessings are only temporary, so we need to be grateful for them while they’re here. So even in economc peril, bad health, and terrible family/home situations—hey, at least we aren’t Job.


When you realize that even Job had stuff to be thankful for, it makes you even more thankful. The basic thing is that Job was still alive. That’s the obvious. When you go deeper, you learn of God’s protection—something we definitely take for granted. (I know I do.) At first, when God let the devil get his hands on Job’s posessions and family, He didn’t let the devil get Job himself. Even when the devil got to attack Job’s health, God never let the devil attack his life. Wow. Even when our life gets rough, God will protect us, which is something to be thankful for.


A Tanach

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You now see how great the Book of Job can be at making us thankful. That’s why I recommend that Christians study the Book of Job at Thanksgiving—at least the first three chapters, that’s what I did. God bless and happy Thanksgiving Day! (Be pretty thankful you’re not Job now…)