This Saturday

I went thrifting today. It was a nice day spent at thrift stores and yard sales.

Though I can’t remember all the clothes I bought today, I know I got this cute white skirt to wear with leggings. I tried on a lot of stuff and it didn’t fit, but I know that it means God has better garments for me in His Storage. 🙂 I saw this cute denim skirt. I put it on in the dressing room to see how it fits. It appeared very beautiful and (more importantly) modest at first. But keep in mind that if something is too good to be true, it probably is. What may be proof for this is that the skirt had a big slit in the back that would show the world my panties, oh, and it was dry clean only. Bummer. Remember, Neko, God will give you better as you are His child.

I had went to this big yard sale in this retirement community, as well as the thrift store nearby. I made off well (legally of course—don’t misunderstand me and think I stole something—I didn’t!) I got some makeup (purple eyeliner and some eyeshadow), some gifts for my family, and some free stuff too—one woman gave me a free perfume sample and another woman, a friend of my grandmother, gave me a calendar with Psalms on it.

If I could pick out the highlight of my shopping trip, I’d say it was the books God gave me. There was this deal on books—one bag for $3. I picked five books (for they only had five books I was interested in) and let the cashier ring it up. Because it would be cheaper to just pay for each book individually, they let me do that instead. It turned out to be 25 cents per book, which led to a total of $1.25 for the books plus tax and the price of some mini-lotions I bought.

I really like the books I bought. One of them is a paperback King James Bible with a Bible dictionary in the back. I also got some true story books and a guide to taking good pictures (hope that even though it’s by Kodak the information will be relevant and they won’t be trying to sell me anything.) Last, I purchased a book on improving your prayer life.

Let me tell you about this book on prayer so far. I’ve gotten through about one and a half chapters, I believe. It’s written to teenagers like me with a story at the beginning of each chapter that is related to the chapter’s main idea. I don’t necessarily agree with all it’s ideas portrayed, but it did get me thinking and convicted about my mistakes in my relationship with God!

To wrap this up, I enjoyed my day thrifting. I’m very thankful to Jesus for all the items He got me today. I hope I can use them to serve others (and since at most of the stores if not all of them the money goes to charity, I may have served others just buying them. Not to brag though—I do NOT like to brag.) Did you have a good Saturday? A lousy day? An okay day? Tell me about it in the comments! God bless.